Standardized CM & CM-B Type
chemical pump

Munsch CM/CM-B Type standardized chemical pumps with magnetic are designed to meet chemical process industry standards. Their hermetically sealed design makes them a safe pumping solution for problematic chemicals and solvents.


Munsch standardized CM & CM-B pump

Chemical handling pump

Chemical industries, with their variety of demanding processes, often require pumps with increased safety, reliability and flexibility. CM mag drive pumps have been developed putting these topics first. Today MUNSCH mag drive pumps are also being found in many industrial applications like environmental industries, chlorine production as well as electrolysis and electro plating plants where operators have a major focus on reliability and safety.

The CM pumps, CM Series standardized pump with dimensions to EN 22858/ISO 2858/ISO 5199 or CM-B close-coupled pump with casing dimensions to EN 22858/ISO 2858; complemented by size 40-25-125 and 40-25-160 pumps.


Good reasons for a Munsch Pump Series NPC and NPC-B. 

Numerically optimized hydraulics

The fluid dynamics of Munsch pumps are calculated, visualized and optimized using the latest numerical techniques (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The result is a hydraulic design with a virtually ideal flow profile.

This means:

  • higher pump capacity at unchanged  differential head
  • reduced energy costs
  • improved suction behaviour through low NPSH requirements
  • minimized wear in abrasive service conditions
  • reduced running noise

Reduced lifecycle cost

The numerically optimized hydraulic design is a key factor in minimizing the lifecycle costs of MUNSCH pumps. Capital and maintenance costs are reduced through the selection of the best suited hydraulic design and optimum motor sizes. Smaller cable cross-sections and lower-rated motor breakers keep down installation costs. The high pump efficiencies directly translate into energy savings.

The pump adapts to the task at hand – impeller designs

Munsch has the right impeller design for your specific pumping application. Wear, suction behaviour and efficiency are key factors determining the choice of the impeller. The right combination of impeller (hydraulics), material and shaft seal is all-decisive for a successful pump design and long service lives. Munsch pumps are available with closed, semi-open and vortex impellers.

Solids-carrying fluids

A solids deflector in the pump casing redirects solids away from the mechanical seal and back to the flow path of the process fluid.

Impeller and pump shaft – reverse rotation-safe

The impeller is positively locked to the pump shaft for reverse rotation protection (e.g. during the sense of rotation check).

Pump characteristic

Munsch chemical pumps feature a steep performance characteristic. This means that the pumps can be adjusted exactly to the operating point.


  • Type CM-B option with closed coupling
  • Top and bottom flushing connections
  • Drainage through flushing connection or
  • Drainage through volute casing drain
  • Liquid Temperature Sensor
  • Secondary sealing device

Technical Data

Pump capacity [Q]  Differential head [H] Service temperature [t] Operating pressure [p] Discharge nozzle Motor rating
up to 240 m³/h up to 90 m -20 °C to 180 °C up to 16 bar DN 25 to DN 65 CM: up to 30 kW


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