NPC Mammut chemical centrifugal pump

The armoured pump is designed to meet chemical process industry standards and can handle high delivery rates and pump heads. The MUNSCH REA mechanical seal, specifically developed for non-metallic pumps, ensures maximum operating reliability and a long service life while being easy to assemble and repair.

Munsch Standardized NPC Mammut chemical pump

Heavy duty chemical handling pump

The type NPC MUNSCH Mammut pump is specifically designed to handle acids, alkalis or chemically contaminated fluids with or without solids loads. Typical applications include the chemical and metallurgical industries, the metal finishing industry, steel and stainless steel pickling lines, evaporation and regeneration units, flue gas cleaning systems downstream of waste incinerators as well as exhaust gas scrubbing and scrubber effluent treatment.

Good reasons for a Munsch Pump Series NPC Mammut

High efficiency, low NPSH requirements

Impeller mounting
Unaffected by reverse rotation

Steep pump characteristic
Exact operating point

Adjustable diagonal clearanceAxial clearance between impeller and volute casing adjusted via the bearing bracketDriveThree-phase a.c. motor, frame type B3 to IEC, BS or NEMA type of protection, flameproof enclosure and motor voltage to customer specificationsDouble mechanical sealShaft sealing solution for fluids posing an environmental hazard

Series Pump capacity [Q]  Differential head [H] Operating temperature [t] Operating pressure [p] Discharge nozzle Motor rating
 Mammut up to 3000 m³/h up to 65 m from -0°C to +100 °C up to 16 bar DN 250 to DN 400 up to 450kW


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