TNP-KL vertical chemical pump

The type TNP-KL vertical chemical pump is specifically designed to pump acids, alkalis, chemically contaminated fluids, corrosive media and effluents - in the presence or in the absence of solids - directly from pump sumps, pump tanks, storage tanks or basins. The pump is available for wet-end and dry-end arrangement.

The setting depth of up to 3,000 mm can be extended to max. 4,600 mm by a suction pipe. Setting depths and connecting dimensions can be matched to the specific installation conditions.

Munsch vertical chemical pump TNP-KL

Our TNP-KL, available in capacities from 2 to 700 m3/h, is unmatched in terms of versatility. Featuring an all-plastic construction, our vertical pumps are extremely robust, opening up a wide spectrum of applications. Also available in the monobloc version TNP.

Good reasons for a Munsch Pump TNP-KL

Numerically optimized hydraulics

The fluid dynamics of MUNSCH pumps are calculated, visualized and optimized using the latest numerical techniques (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The result is a hydraulic design with a virtually ideal flow profile.

This means:

    •    higher pump capacity at unchanged  differential head
    •    reduced energy costs
    •    improved suction behaviour through low NPSH requirements
    •    minimized wear in abrasive service conditions
    •    reduced running noise

Reduced lifecycle cost

The numerically optimized hydraulic design is a key factor in minimizing the lifecycle costs of MUNSCH pumps. Capital and maintenance costs are reduced through the selection of the best suited hydraulic design and optimum motor sizes. Smaller cable cross-sections and lower-rated motor breakers keep down installation costs. The high pump efficiencies directly translate into energy savings.

The pump adapts to the task at hand – impeller designs

MUNSCH has the right impeller design for your specific pumping application. Wear, suction behaviour and efficiency are key factors determining the choice of the impeller. The right combination of impeller (hydraulics), material and shaft seal is all-decisive for a successful pump design and long service lives. MUNSCH pumps are available with closed, semi-open and vortex impellers.

Pump characteristic

MUNSCH chemical pumps feature a steep performance characteristic. This means that the pumps can be adjusted exactly to the operating point.


    •    Depth extension adjustment via suction tube
    •    Suction filter
    •    Single plate according to customer specifications
    •    Suction side flange position and design, according to customer specifications

Series Pump capacity [Q]  Differential head [H] Operating temperature [t] Operating pressure [p] Discharge nozzle Motor rating
TNP-KL up to 560 m³/h up to 90 m from -0°C to +100 °C up to 10 bar DN 25 to DN 150 up to 55 kW


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