LEWA Customer Portal

The LEWA customer portal provides you with more than just an overview of your existing pumps. The associated digital documents, a life cycle file, and additional services such as digital spare parts catalogs and operating data analyses are also available. Each pump has its own profile page: the digital twin. There, data from various sources are combined to create a 360° view of the pump.

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LEWA Customer Portal

Digital asset management with life cycle file, document and maintenance management.

In addition to design data, material characteristics and documents, you will find operating data from LEWA Smart Monitoring and interaction data such as maintenance reports from the life cycle of the pump. This data can be accessed by users at any time via a web browser-compatible terminal device. A QR code on the pump enables direct access to the pump profile page. 

Available documents for each pump:

  • Operating manual
  • Documentation
  • Certificates
  • Maintenance parts list
  • Accessories documents

Digital Asset Management within the LEWA Customer Portal

The LEWA customer portal provides easy access to all pump data and documents relevant for operators and owners. A secure rights and roles concept allows you to determine who within your company can see what
content in the LEWA customer portal and which transactions can be triggered. 

Connection to your own ERP system is also possible: secure data transfer is possible via REST interfaces. Life cycle data and maintenance parts lists are available for download in neutral formats such as .csv

Integration of LEWA Smart Monitoring

Connecting the data

The LEWA Smart Monitoring system can be easily integrated in the customer portal. Then you will have access to the monitoring data of the pump. In this setup you have all information, documents and operating data at one place. Secure data transfer is guaranteed due to hardware and software-based security measures.


LEWA Digitale Services

Zustandsüberwachung, Asset Management und Remote Support.
5 MB | pdf | 14.10.2021


LEWA Digital Services

Condition monitoring, asset management and remote support.
5 MB | pdf | 14.10.2021


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