Standardized NPC and NPC-B
chemical pump

A new generation, thought through to the minute detail and a safe solution for every application – the uncompromising answer to what engineering contractors and plant operators expect from chemical pumps with mechanical seal. The armoured pumps of the NPC series are designed to meet chemical process industry standards and are ideally suited to pumping chemicals and solvents. 

The MUNSCH REA mechanical seal, specifically developed for non-metallic pumps, ensures maximum operating reliability and a long service life while being easy to assemble and repair.

Munsch Standardized NPC and NPC-B chemical pump

Chemical handling pump

The NPC series chemical pumps are the solution of choice for pumping fluids posing an environmental or health hazard such as acids and alkalis or solvents as well as chemically contaminated fluids in the presence or in the absence of solids. Typical applications include the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, electrolysis plants, electroplating plants, the metallurgical and metal finishing industries.

Process pump design with dimensions to EN 22858/ISO 2858. Complemented by Size 40-25-125 and 40-25-160

Good reasons for a Munsch Pump Series NPC and NPC-B. 

Continuous flushing effectively protects the seal faces from contact with solids. It ensures reliable protection of the mechanical seal when

  • there is a risk of dry-running
  • the fluid pumped has poor lubricating properties
  • the fluid pumped contains undissolved gases
  • the fluid is pumped near its boiling point

The throttling passage between the casing cover and the rotating seal ring minimizes flushing medium consumption.


  • High efficiency, low NPSH requirements
  • Mounting unaffected by reverse rotation

Steep Pump Characteristic

  • Exact operating point.

Double mechanical seal (optional)

  • Shaft sealing solution for fluids posing an environmental hazard.

Series Pump capacity [Q]  Differential head [H] Operating temperature [t] Operating pressure [p] Discharge nozzle Motor rating
NPC up to 200 m³/h up to 90 m from -20°C to +150 °C up to 16 bar DN 25 to DN 65 up to 30kW
NPC-B up to 150 m³/h up to 80 m from -20°C to +150 °C up to 16 bar DN 25 to DN 65 up to 18,5kW


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