LEWA Smart Monitoring

LEWA Smart Monitoring is a monitoring system consisting of sensors, a programmable logic controller (PLC), an industrial PC (IPC) and data analysis for new and existing pumps. The system determines characteristic values and key performance indicators.

It is suitable for the LEWA ecoflow process and triplex diaphragm metering pump series. The focus of the system are critical and permanent applications from chemical, pharma or beverage industries.

LEWA Smart Monitoring

With digital pumps for more efficiency, system availability and profitability of the entire production.

LEWA Smart Monitoring is a monitoring system consisting of sensors, a programmable logic controller (PLC), an industrial PC (IPC) and data analysis for new and existing pumps. The system determines characteristic values and key performance indicators. There is no intervention in process control or direct contact between the sensor system and the conveyed fluid.

With key performance indicator-based condition monitoring, you detect and monitor operating statuses proactively. You can also optimize the overall output and robustness of your pump and pipe systems. This will increase the efficiency of your entire production plant. You can access the data conveniently via your corporate network. Or you use the LEWA cloud with extended analysis and service offers.


Advantages of LEWA Smart Monitoring:

  • Permanent monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Output of error states in plain text with exact error localization
  • Characteristic values for assessing the pipe system and conveyed fluid status
  • Historical data for operating analysis and profitability calculation based on pump efficiency
  • Data connection to the local control center via standard OPC UA interface
  • Connection to LEWA customer portal for additional services
  • Exclusive service offers for our Smart Monitoring customers

Diagnostics and Performance Metrics

The diagnostic dashboard.

With LEWA Smart Monitoring you have access to various diagnostic and performance parameters for your pump and the connected pipe system. This enables you to detect undesirable conditions in the process and the condition of the wear parts at an early stage using a simple traffic light system.

Technology and Operation Principle

How raw data becomes characteristic values:

Characteristic value determination is based on the recording of measured variables such as vibration, hydraulic pressure and angle of rotation. To get results, 2000 signals per pump head are processed per second. These signals are measured by the connected PLC.

Technical data

The output and transmission of the characteristic values and diagnostics is carried out via various interfaces:

The IPC has a web-based interface where settings can be made and the determined characteristic values and diagnostics are visualized. An OPC UA server is provided for transmission to a control center. In addition, characteristic values and diagnoses can be sent to the LEWA cloud and the LEWA customer portal via an Internet connection.

Properties  Expression
Supported pump types LEWA ecoflow
LEWA triplex

Sensor technology (for applications up to 150 °C operating temperature)

Hydraulic pressure
Angle of rotation/Trigger
Optional: temperature, diaphragm rupture and motor power

16 bit A/D converter with 1 kHz sampling rate
OEM hardware (PLC, IPC) installed in control cabinet in industrial version or as controller box


Cloud connectivity via Microsoft Azure cloud for value-added services


Encrypted communication
Hardware-based security via TPM chip
SSL encryption
Rights and role model for data access

Operating zones

Sensors certified up to zone 1


Direct data access via OPC UA interface and TCP/IP protocol



Bomba dosadora de diafragma LEWA ecoflow®

LEWA ecoflow é a bomba de dosagem inovadora e universal com sistema de proteção do diafragma DPS em um sistema modular experimentadas e testadas. Adequado para inúmeras aplicações, a ecoflow é a nossa verdadeira all-around , baseada para clientes de todas as indústrias.

More Details

Bomba dosadora de diafragma sanitária/higiênica LEWA ecoflow®

LEWA ecoflow está também disponível para aplicações sanitárias/higiênicas A bomba dosadora para aplicações higiênicas tem as mesmas capacidades gerais e cumpre todas as especificações para a produção de produtos farmacêuticos e alimentos.

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Bombas de processo LEWA ecoflow® para aplicações de alta pressão

A inovadora bomba de processo de diafragma ecoflow mostra suas forças em aplicações de alta pressão nas indústrias de petróleo e gás, refinaria e petroquímica, bem como nas áreas sensíveis de produtos farmacêuticos, biotecnologia, produção de alimentos e bebidas.

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Bombas de processo LEWA triplex® para processos de alta pressão

A bomba de diafragma de processo triplex LEWA está entre as bombas de alta pressão mais compactas do mundo e pode até ser configurada nos espaços mais apertados quando o espaço é precioso no processo. O pacote de força provou sua força em numerosos processos de alta pressão em uma variedade de indústrias. Ícone de petróleo e gás Ícone de odor a gás Ícone de refinaria cinza Ícone de petroquímicos Ícone de produtos químicos Ícone de plásticos Ícone de limpeza cinza Ícone de produtos cosméticos Ícone de produtos farmacêuticos Ícone de produtos alimentares Ícone de energia Ícone de outros produtos

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LEWA Digitale Services

Zustandsüberwachung, Asset Management und Remote Support.
5 MB | pdf | 14.10.2021


LEWA Digital Services

Condition monitoring, asset management and remote support.
5 MB | pdf | 14.10.2021


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